Thursday, April 20, 2006

Education Davids

Today's must read comes from a new blog called Starting from Tennessee's Instapundit Glenn Reynolds' new book "An Army of Davids" Dan Lips ask some questions that the public school system would be wise to consider as it looks toward the future.

Reynolds argues that technological advances will lead to fewer Americans spending their days at Goliath institutions like factories or offices. A case in point is the 724,000 Americans who now are working full- or part-time through eBay. The trend suggests that family life in the new century may look more like 18th century when parents spent more time at home with their children.

As society changes, what society wants from its education system will also change.
Surely we can agree that last line is already absolutely true. Parents of today are not the parents of the 50's. We've moved into the customized age where everything from our television viewing to our cars are highly personalized. Why should be expect those same people to stop asking for personal service when it comes to something so much more important than what is in their coffee cup?

What are we going to do about it?

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