Thursday, June 25, 2009


One of the most memorable statements made this week came from Bob Krumm:

"52 professional media outlets have asked to attend an arraignment hearing for some singer accused of beating his girlfriend . . . meanwhile the world depends on amateur footage to get honest reporting from Iran."

And now, knocking the shameful affair of SC Gov. Mark Sanford (R) off the front page, the world's press is focused on the death of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. They're still trying to figure out if Jeff Goldblum fell to his death in New Zealand.

Unfortunately, our enemies aren't as easily distracted. Al Qaida is bragging about their execution of a Tennessee man for daring to live his name--Christ Bearer.

"Christopher Ervin Legget, who grew up in Cleveland, Tenn., had been living in the North African nation with his wife, Jackie, and their four children for six years. He did humanitarian work while teaching at a school specializing in computer science in El Kasr, a lower-class neighborhood in Nouakchott, according to relatives in Tennessee.

The Rev. Jim Gibson, co-pastor of First Baptist Church of Cleveland, said Leggett was a church member but worked in Mauritania independently. He said Leggett's family is returning from Mauritania, and a funeral may be held at the church on Tuesday." Charisma Magazine

Our world is more upside down than I want to admit. Millions will mourn the death of the pop icons. But to be sure, One has stood to welcome home a son.

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