Thursday, June 18, 2009

His personal plea

Rep. Mike Turner (D-Nashville) makes a personal plea to fellow legislators not to 'screw up' something this important. This after the room is distracted by public comments made by Rep. Brian Kelsey (R-Germantown) about the lack of education choice for poor public school students.

See Jones is offended and Charter Bill PASSES! for details (scroll down).

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din819go said...

Kay -- the words used in the email/press release were more to the tune of included a line that stated "public schools are the last vestige of slavery."

The republicans are just as idiotic as the democrats.

Let's not sugar coat what he did. This line is straight from the citypaper in which it was quoted.

Don't get me wrong...forced schooling has not helped minority populations and Bill Crosby and others have been quoted as saying medicare was one of the worse things that happened to the black male/family.

Still in today's world too many Republicans are playing the race card...they should be better than this. But then this is just one of the reasons the republican party is in the mess it is.

Personally...the two parties should be replaced by a third is long overdue.