Sunday, June 14, 2009

Murder is murder

Tiller Killer: Right from the start let me make it absolutely clear that Tiller's assassination didn't bring back one baby from death. It was an action that fell outside the parameters of our rules of law and should not have happened. Let me repeat one should have murdered Tiller.

Let me also make it clear that the further we get from the rule of law the more frustrated among us will take the law into their own hands. It's not unusual for some to so object to the absolute failure of our judicial system to hold people accountable that it drives them to similar madness. Anyone watching the events in Kansas courts regarding Tiller had to know that they system was bending over backwards to keep anyone from knowing if he was performing these abortions legally. Throw in the financial connection between him and his 'second opinion' and a laundry list of other items and even the most sane folks were throwing up their hands in frustration. Tiller's Killer was not among the sane and so came unhinged and did more harm than good in killing Tiller.

Today's copy of the Tennessean contains three opinion pieces regarding abortion. The opinion of the Editorial Board is that it's a lack of civility that's really the problem here. Apparently, 30 years of protesting outside of his clinic and calling a man who killed babies a 'baby killer' is uncivil. Likely the Editoial Board wrote something similar about the fight for civil rights here in Nashville. Planned Parenthood listens to 'the loudest voices' instead of the quiet majority providing homes, care and resources for women in need. The third voice is just one such voice. Richard Lamb's comments include:

"Acts of violence against abortion providers or abortion facilities must be condemned. When such violence erupted in 1994, Southern Baptist theologians and ethicists convened in Nashville and produced "The Nashville Statement of Conscience," which condemned such acts of violence as unbiblical, un-Christian and un-American. The pro-life movement must continue to denounce such violence."
And the vast majority have. It's convenient for Planned Parenthood and it's allies to point to the whacked out Phelps cult as being the voice of anti-abortionists...but the fact is it is not. One person every decade or so has died as a result of those who couldn't wait for the law to change. A very few got tired of seeing every reasonable effort to ensure the safety of women and girls, informing girls and women of just what was inside their bodies and to allow parents to be informed about a serious medical procedure about to performed on their daughters thwarted time and time again. In the meantime George Tiller, by his own testimony, did 60,000 procedures. 60,000 children who never got the chance to plead their case for life. I'd say in light of that figure alone the pro-life movement has been exceptionally patient and civil.


Peachy said...

"A very few got tired of seeing every reasonable effort to ensure the safety of women and girls,"... except when they tried to go into a clinic to get birth control and couldn't even get into the buildings... and when they tried to teach more sex education in schools but were limited to teaching "abstinence only" education...

"...informing girls and women of just what was inside their bodies..." as long as you were only informing them AFTER they got pregnant... who cares about helping them prevent pregnancies by maybe, you know, giving them better education and access to reliable birth control methods and STD testing...

"...and to allow parents to be informed about a serious medical procedure about to performed on their daughters..." regardless as to whether or not it was a parent that put the girl in the situation to begin with...

"...thwarted time and time again." If by thwarted you mean upheld by blocking access to women's health clinics, posting names and license plate numbers of people visiting the clinics, harrassing clinic workers and doctors, and trying every session to make all abortions illegal while at the same time trying to limit sex education to abstinence only in public schools.

Then, yes. You've been very "patient."

N.S. Allen said...

This all depends, of course, on what our standard of "political civility" is. And the problem is that the pro-life movement and the rest of America operate on entirely different ones.

I mean, if you happen to believe that every abortion is a murder, it's easy to say that the pro-life movement has been "exceptionally civil." Actually, what's difficult to explain, in that case, is why more pro-lifers haven't gone out and started shooting abortion providers. The ethical argument for doing so, given the previous assumption, seems to be quite clear. We wouldn't have any objections to someone stopping a serial killer by force, so why should pro-lifers have scruples about killing abortionists?

But, then, you have the actual, political reality of the United States, in which the pro-life movement's views are controversial at best and most voters consider abortion a marginal, social issue to be dredged up on election years, very much akin to gay marriage in its divisiveness and irrelevance to the average voter's day-to-day life.

And from that point of view, a political movement that leads to some nut killing people every few years isn't "exceptionally civil." It's frightening, dangerous, and destructive to the free, political discourse that's vital to democracy.

The question, of course, is which of these perspectives is the correct one. Pro-lifers, it goes without saying, will favor the pro-life one. I tend to think that we should stick with the view that leaves the decision not to shoot doctors an unproblematic one.

Wendy said...

Come walk in my shoes for a minute, just a minute. This September I will witness my daughter's wedding, she is also the daughter of a wonderful couple in N.J. I am so tickled that I've been invited to this event, because when I relinquished her for adoption, I loved her and continue to love; and her wedding is that love extended. I didn't hate her for being my daughter.
Nobody blocked me from knowing from right and wrong. I am glad for my public education that continues in many ways to provide basic biology, for my parents who were hurt and hurt for me and still love me well, for my ministers all these years still love me well, for a very loving husband of 25 years, and most of all for a Savior that still loves me well despite my stumbling. And, he can still love those who have made a choice to abort their baby, despite knowing what they were doing.
What the Bible say is that He doesn't like is a hard heart. Do you hate me and those like me who have chosen to love their daughters? Do you hate me for standing up for what scripture says is right? To love God's laws and to walk humbly with the Lord I hope you choose to love and follow God's Word--do not kill, do not hate.