Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Gotta run

Metro CM Jim Gotto (District 12-Hermitage) is making noises like he's interested in replacing Rep. Ben West, Jr. (D-Hermitage) when the time comes. I'm ALL for replacing a Democrat with a Republican. But in looking towards that contest I would encourage CM Gotto to consider entering this Thursday's Planning Commission meeting which he will chair with an eye towards upcoming elections. He's already done more than enough for Democrat Pam Murray. Does he really want folks to see him also enabling her revocation of the mobile vending bill to be on his resume when election time comes?

Like it or not, the race has begun.

City Paper: "Gotto keeping options open for higher office."

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Braxton Hicks said...

I had the pleasure of voting in an open Democratic primary in Virginia. It felt good to meddle in a party's selection process.
Love your site.