Friday, April 17, 2009

Stupid, stupid, stupid

Back before I had children I was a legal secretary. One of the lawyers had been an assistant DA and he would regularly say that the police may not catch them this time, or the next, but eventually they do something stupid. Today was that day for these guys.

De La Luz, 20, and a co-defendant, Senon Gines-Ramos, 19, were stopped by police Wednesday evening while en route to deliver the fake IDs, which the informant requested be in the name of “Ronal Cerpas.” De La Luz, Gines-Ramos, and a third defendant, Estela Gonzalez, 25, evidently keep up with current events, as they actually produced the fake IDs in the name of “Ronal Serpas,” Nashville’s police chief.
You can read the rest of the MNPD Press Release here.

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