Saturday, April 04, 2009

DCRP election

Kathleen Starnes is the new Davidson County Republican Party Chairman. Her  opponent, Matt Collins, lost by a solid 30 vote margin. We certainly didn't need a squeaker and it was interesting that after a tie the last go 'round the margin was so large. Collins did get the consolation prize of 1st Vice Chairman by a narrow margin in a contest with the former 2nd Vice Chair Jimmy Earle.  It was obviously a disappointment to many that Collins didn't win. He won't be alone on the executive committee though, as Daniel Day Davis, who nominated Collins for Chairman, won the 2nd Vice Chairman seat. 

I suggest everyone get a nap and commit to working together respectfully and graciously. The local Democrats would love for us to spend our time wrestling with each other instead of focusing on getting them out of power.

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