Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm not shocked at all

Judson Phillips of and MC for Wednesday's Tea Party in Nashville writes:

"Word has leaked out today about the presence of the FBI at Tea Party rallies on April 15th. While I was helping put our rally on, someone came to me and gave me a heads up about the FBI observing our rally. I consider my source very credible."
We're exercising our First Amendment right to complain about the current administration in a very public place and we're supposed to be 'shocked' that anyone official was paying attention? Shoot, I'd have been shocked if no one had been doing some information gathering. Maybe I'm not all that concerned because I knew that getting that security clearance when I joined the Army meant an FBI check and I've had a file since then. Maybe because I knew who J. Edgar Hoover was I knew it was possible to misuse that information. Maybe it's because I've heard many first person stories of Christians in other nations suffering at the hands of their government merely for daring to share the Gospel. If I was really concerned about who was watching---would I be blogging about it all? Don't think so.

Law abiding citizens were most likely the bulk of the participants but whose to say that there weren't folks there for their own nefarious purposes ready to take advantage of the situation? Maybe the FBI was there watching them watch us. If so, they have my thanks.

Hat tip: AC Kleinheider

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Bender said...

Thank you for organizing the Tea Party in Nashville. I live in Mempnis and we had a very nice one. We should not be concerned about the FBI. Remember, FBI agents are people who just might not be too happy about this wild swing to the left either.

John Williams