Wednesday, April 29, 2009

She needs to resign and stay in Chicago

Please see corrected post "She needs to resign and stay in Detroit" My apologies for getting the city name wrong.


N.S. Allen said...

There's no question that holding a position as locally dependent as city council member while living and working that far away is just fundamentally unworkable. It would certainly by better for everyone involved if CM Murray resigned.

That being said, what's with the Chicago bit? The news report says she lives and works in Detroit and that she's switched to her Detroit address on her social worker registration. Not to mention that the link you posted as "Dr. Sai Wentum of Chicago, IL" itself lists the clinic in question as in...Detroit, Michigan. And, of course, Detroit, not Chicago, is about 539 miles away - Chicago's closer to 475 from Nashville.

Not that it particularly matters - Murray living out of Chicago would be just as unworkable - but it's a pretty weird mistake. Did the news story originally mis-report what city she lives in, or is this just some weird, Freudian slip-type hostility for the Second City?

Kay Brooks said...

Sorry about that. I guess I subconsciously connect low life politics with Chicago. Wonder why that might be?