Saturday, February 07, 2009

Still trying to nail that coffin shut

Instead of expending ink on real news like what's actually in the stimulus package, the circus that is Obama's cabinet appointments or Washington's response to the serious situation in Kentucky due to weather the Tennessean has decided to try and close Councilman Eric Crafton's political coffin--again.

Tucked in between the opinions of Crafton's missteps and demise by familiar political names is this comment from one the one lone citizen interviewed:

Gordon Patchell, an Inglewood resident who is retired from the aerospace industry, said he appreciated Crafton's efforts to make English the city's official language.

"I don't know a thing about him," Patchell said. "But I did like what he was doing. He was doing what he thought was the right thing for his country." Tennessean

I don't know Mr. Patchell but those who so desperately want Crafton out of the picture need to remember that point of view. If Crafton decides to run for anything again, I'll be happy to remind folks that he took on the political progressives with every tool he had available to ensure that the citizens of Davidson County had a right to vote on the issue. Let me repeat that---to ensure that the citizens of Davidson county were allowed to vote on the issue.

Similarly, political liberals in this town used every tool at their disposal. They happily used the Democrat controlled Election Commission, a judge, Mayor Karl Dean and one of his top aids, immigrant 'advocates', immigrant employers, every Vandy employee available, their co-workers at the Tennessean and unfounded accusations of hate and xenophobia to ensure that they won.

I'll also be willing to point out that it was within the power of those that currently run this city to avoid the special election and its cost by allowing it on the ballot with the already scheduled presidential election but that the anti-English folks deliberatly kept it off and away from voters by hook and by crook. To include the unprecedented tactic of having only one early voting location downtown nearer the lib voters.

Sadly, the Tennessean didn't examine why the anti-English folks lumped together both amendments. The truth is they wanted to ensure the amendment process remained the same because at some point they're going to be thrilled to only have to gather a couple of thousand signatures instead of 10 times that number to amend the charter. They're going to be only too happy to require a special election when the time comes.

And the time will come. All those new downtown condo residents will likely lean left and the folks in Bellevue, Donelson and Goodlettsville will find their influence in Council matters getting smaller and smaller. Suddenly we'll have a major change to the charter on the ballot via a couple of thousand signatures gathered by community organizers in this city that didn't grow up here, don't know anyone who did, think Nashville's history began at the lunch counters, and don't have real jobs to keep them honestly occupied with a balanced perspective of life. They only know what kind of world they want and will stop at nothing to ensure what they call peace and justice. It won't matter to them if voters didn't get justice. The end justifies the means.


din819go said...

Kay --- if what Crafton did was so "popular" by the conservatives in Nashville why was all but roughly $6K of funds raised from groups out side of Tennessee? The largest Nashville supporter with their money was Lee Beamon.

It has seemed to me outside parties are the ones pulling Crafton's strings. I hope his political days are over.

Our area voted out of the council years ago. Sadly, others voted him back in.

Kay Brooks said...

I don't recall Crafton ever asking for donations. So I wouldn't consider lack of local donations a lack of willingness to financially support the effort. Did you see any requests for help?