Monday, February 16, 2009

Respect is too expensive

On my regular weekly shopping rounds I stop for gas and can see the three large flags regularly flown by a local car dealer. Maybe it's my military service that makes me notice flags, their condition and whether they're being flown correctly. When I looked up while waiting for my gas tank to fill I noticed that one flag looked brand new while the other two were obviously sun faded. But then I noticed further that two weren't shaped right.

The first shot is of the three flags regularly flown. The second is a close up of the second and third flags in that first shot. You can clearly see that the second flag is nearly square and obviously not the full size of the third brand new flag. The first flag is also shorter but not nearly.

I understand that three of these enormous flags are very expensive but no one requires this dealer to actually fly three flags. I know times are tough for auto sellers now days but are they really so hard up that they've got to resort to cutting off the frayed ends of the US Flag and sending the rehemmed remains back up the flag pole?

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