Monday, February 02, 2009

Education Nashville

A new email list for folks interested in education issues in Nashville has been formed at Google Groups. After the abrupt shut down of the NashvillePTOTalk list at Yahoo a couple of weeks ago this is good news.

Already they've been talking about the IT issues at Metro, Standard School Attire and alternative schools. Let's hope this new list is more welcoming of diverse opinions and answers to problems with MNPS.

The list's description:

"A place for people to come to: learn about education (public and private) in Nashville; share ideas, thoughts, articles, etc about educational issues in Nashville, the US and the world; and offer suggestions on how to improve the public schools in Nashville. Together we can make a difference."
Here's the web page to join:

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Michael said...

I am angry and find no respect for the Nashville BOE. For years tax payers have funded, basically, 50% of the full Metro budget for the provision of our schools and our return is loss of local control. UNACCEPTABLE! The entire BOE needs to be replaced. I have faith in not one of them. And the longer they have been board members, the less integrity they have. Apparently, their ideas have been useless and wrong due to the continuous failure of those ideas to improve the education of our children. And the SSA that was so necessary for the improvement of grades did very little to nothing in that vane. Too bad SSA took priority over the true needs of Nashville students.

Now we have a new BOE director who is receiving a quarter of a million dollars annually with, apparently, no probation period and a 'get-out-of-Metro' pass to the tune of a quarter of a million
dollars! What, in the name of all that is good and right are they thinking? I stopped for a moment to watch the proceedings and almost lost my lunch to all the kissing up with "thanks yous" to everyone for everything. No thanks to the BOE, at all. No thanks for wasting our tax dollars. And get out!!