Friday, February 27, 2009

Nashville Tea Party 2009-02-27

Two of the children and I attended the Tea Party at the state capitol today at noon. They announced the crowd as being 600. Being as short as I am and being on the Plaza I didn't have the vantage point of being able to confirm that but the crowd was very good for such short notice on a drizzly day.

I always get a kick out of observing the media at these events. It's not unusual for them to be completely unaware that they're being rude by pushing through the crowd to get the spot they 'need' for their shots and being unaware of the fact that some of us are shorter than they are.

Not surprisingly, Ben Cunningham got the biggest applause. He understands and clearly articulates the fact that the power of the US government is via the people and we need to make Congress sit up and take notice. They do need to 'fight for us'.

Some of the speechifying came from folks who are obviously quite willing to use support for the Obama administration's outrageous money and power grab in their own upcoming bids to replace those legislators who voted yes on TARP, Stimulus, budget...

Our state GOP leader, Robin Smith did a fine job herself in ensuring that folks understand that the GOP is going to fight this 'change'. She even gave props to Gov. Bredesen for taking a moment to look at whether Tennessee should commit to accepting all the available money.

GOP Spokesman Bill Hobbs had a pile of the TN GOP's newest bumper stickers: "Honk if you're paying my mortgage". A couple of us agreed that in some neighborhoods it wouldn't be safe to put this on your car so we declined the offer.

The only legislators in attendance seemed to be Rep. Susan Lynn (R-Mt. Juliet) and Rep. Debra Maggart (R-Hendersonville). Some sent their regrets. Since all this came together in less than a week it's understandable that some couldn't make it. It was announced that Rep. Bart Gordon (D-Murfreesboro) was off in Europe. A crowd of folks walked the two blocks down the hill to Rep. Jim Cooper's (D-Nashville) office in the library building. Last I saw them they had gathered in the park opposite his office.

I fully expect that those in attendance are not done yet. I believe they intend to demand legislation dismantling the Porkulus Bill (and its squealing siblings) and will not forget come election time.


Michael J. Bernard said...

It’s funny how Rep. Bart Gordon calls himself a “blue dog” but is basically walking in lock-step with the expansion of government while also wasting taxpayer money on trips to Europe for him and his wife.


Kay Brooks said...

No, what's 'funny' is that you're repeating this same entry to posts that have nothing to do with Bart Gordon or his trip to Europe. Are you doing this on other blogs or just mine? Dude, good guests stay on topic.

James Evarett said...

I wonder how many in attendance will take note of the Federal flag flying above the Tennessee State flag over their States capitol on Monday ? This very act asserting Federal dominion over Tennessee. A sovereign cannot be a sovereign if it exists under the dominion of another ! A State cannot be a State unless it is A sovereign ! Tennessee Like all the rest is no more than a Province of the Federal empire, the founders system was destroyed when the federal government made war on, and defeated the States,the mortal wound being the introduction of the 17th amendment, yet you all refuse to recognize this fact ! How many of you have a Flag pole at your home or at your place of business or your local shopping mall with the federal flag flying above your States flag ? By this very act you are declaring to the world that the federal empire has dominion over Tennessee, so why do you expect the federal empire to recognize your States sovereignty when you yourselves do not ? You are a confused and lost people. Try reading James K Polk's inaugural address, perhaps it will explain and help you all understand the relationship between the States and the Federal system that the founders established under the original constitution.