Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Who else?

I hate reporting like this. The Tennessean's article this morning restates yesterday's news that CM Michael Craddock (District 4-Madison) is prepared to offer a bill to keep MDHA from stealing Joy Ford's property on Music Circle East. Then they tell us:

"Support for the proposal is far from unanimous among council members, however.

Some council members contacted Tuesday said they would have to see the bill before they could say whether they would vote for it. Meanwhile, one member, Metro Councilman Rip Ryman of Goodlettsville, said he would oppose it."

Is it the intention of the Tennessean to prevent us from lobbying and educating those council members? Or did these councilmen specifically ask not to be quoted? This is so much less than helpful it's as if this is another effort by the Tennessean to prop up the MDHA and Metro in general in this outrageous effort. It's opinions like this one from Metro Nashville Councilman Rip Ryman (Goodlettsville) that we need to know about:
He said the practice of eminent domain is "there for a purpose," and the council shouldn't tie MDHA's hands. "I think they've been more than fair with that lady out there," Ryman said. "They offered her a pretty good proposal."
Is he serious? Would he feel the same if it was his home or business being taken to increase tax revenue and profit a private enterprise? Now we know we can't count on Ryman to protect our property. Who else, Tennessean, is willing to give property rights away so easily?

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