Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm sick of Bob Tuke

These signs have been cropping up on the public right of ways across the city. The ones pictured here are all within one block of each other in my neighborhood and have spawned more ordinance violators.

I couldn't photograph them all without taking my life into my hands.

Bob Tuke, a Democrat candidate for senator and former State Democratic Chair never had a chance at getting my vote but by trashing my neighborhood and city with his signs he will get my negative comments.

Maybe he can explain how he can be for Tennessee and allow the state to be trashed like this. Seriously, does he really need 12 signs within a block of one another? We're working hard to clean up our neighborhoods and then he comes in and throws his campaign litter around. These signs are everywhere too. I thought nothing could be more annoying than those stupid Ron Paul signs. I was wrong.

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