Friday, July 11, 2008

Coming to a BOE near you?

The tug-o-war between the people's servants and the people's right to know continues in Giles County.

A Giles County blogger said Wednesday his First Amendment rights are being squelched by a policy that bars unapproved cameras from school board meetings.
Director of Schools Tee Jackson said the policy was not directed toward any single person. He said the board was updating its policy manual and received legal advice from the Tennessee School Boards Association.
“We make sure we meet all the necessary standards and laws,” he said.
A spokesman with the Tennessee School Board Association could not be reached for comment Wednesday. Giles Free Speech Zone

Well it's Friday night now, the TSBA has the weekend to work on a press release assuring citizens that barring cameras from public meetings is not part of their updated policy manuals for school boards. That policy manual is a humdinger, btw. The used copy I was given in 2004 was the 2003 version and is 366 pages.

From the Table of Contents:

How Will You Do It?
Why Would a Board Use Outside Help?
Working with a Fragmented Board
Revision of a Policy Manual is Never Finished
Sample Policies
The Sunshine Law
Public Participation
How Board Meetings Create Negative Impact
Building Parental Confidence in the Schools
Using Students to Build Parental Support
Working through TSBA to Influence Legislation
Selling the Media on the Value of Conventions, Workshops and Retreaats
Use Student Work to Build Public Support
Recreational Programs That Build Community Support
Giving Realtors the "Real" Story
How to Conquer the Grapevine

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