Friday, July 18, 2008

Houston developer not keeping up its property

While I never saw it in the print edition the Tennessean did print my letter to the editor online.

Houston developer not keeping up its property

To the Editor:

I’m responding to the letter from Scott Lindsey your paper July 12, “Encourage investment in Music Row area.” He obviously has swallowed the MDHA bogus blighted determination of the Demonbreun property hook, line and sinker.

Mr. Lindsey, and other Nashvillians concerned about their property rights should, as I did, walk around that block and see for themselves that it’s not Joy Ford’s property that is the problem but the property owned by Houston-based developer Lionstone.

The Lionstone property is lined with tall weeds, dead bushes, garbage of all kinds and contains puddles and cracks in the asphalt that are prime for mosquito breeding. During my walk, there was a person doing steady business out of the trunk of his car. Clearly, Lionstone is a bad neighbor and codes should have been called on them a long time ago.

Further, Mr. Lindsey seems to think that the blighted designation comes from Ms. Ford not having the money or desire to invest in the property’s redevelopment. The fact is that there is no need for her property to be redeveloped. In clear contrast to Lionstone’s absentee landowner look Ms. Ford’s property is neat, obviously maintained and flowered.

If MDHA is allowed to take Ms Ford’s property despite her being the better property owner and hand it over to a lousy property owner so tax revenues may be increased — no one’s home or business is safe from MDHA.

Kay Brooks, Nashville 37216,

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