Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mind your surroundings

He just doesn't get it, does he?

“One of the great things about being governor is you get to take taxes away and later give it back and people are happy,” Bredesen said. “Is this a great job or what?” WKRN

Well, I've no doubt the Ladies Hermitage Society is very happy but what about the rest of us? Our very wealthy governor seems completely disconnected from those of us who work hard for a living and sacrifice essentials in order to pay taxes. "You GET to TAKE taxes away..."

Yes you do and have, Governor, and you shouldn't be so happy about it. When you take it, it comes from families---lots of whom are struggling every single day to make ends meet.

Ironically, he made that astonishing comment after providing $1 million of that tax money very literally taken from families to pay for the maintenance of another wealthy politicians aging estate--Former President Andrew Jackson's Hermitage. Amazingly, after the weeks he's had defending his wife's pet project, vastly expanding the governor's mansion to include an obscenely unnecessary party facility for the swells to meet and greet, he rejoices in taking our hard earned dollars...and does it at the site of another political mansion.

What was that line in "Batman Begins"? Oh, yeah, "Learn to mind your surroundings."

Hat Tip: Taxing Tennessee

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