Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hillary's Blue

Since last evening I've been getting robo calls from Blue Solutions (615-254-2200) inviting me to a Hillary Clinton townhall meeting "Solutions for America" at TSU. I got half a message one time and just hang ups after that. An invitation less than 24 hours before the event...I guess I was supposed to have my calendar cleared, just in case.

And solution for America is Fred how did I get on their calling list?


Nashteach said...

And I (a big Dem) haven't gotten a call. I feel for the live person who calls me from her campaign. I have never in my life been as disappointed in the actions of Democratic Presidential candidates as I am with the Clintons right now. She probably had a 50-50 shot at my vote in the primaries, but with her post-Iowa desperation, I doubt I'll even vote for her in the general. She has no one to blame but herself.

Kay Brooks said...

Sorry you didn't get a call. I'd have gladly forwarded it on to you. :-)

I think there is some merit to the opinion that her nomination will be very good for the Republicans. It might even move me to vote for Mitt {{{shudder}}}.