Sunday, January 06, 2008

Finding the polls

I got a call from the Tennessean's Jaime Sarrio on Thursday afternoon. We chatted about political figures blogging, what makes a good blog, the fact I'd been the first BOE member to blog and how long I'd been blogging. Her article was published in this Sunday's edition. There is one inaccuracy that needs to be cleared up. (See update below.)

Other officials are more deliberate about inviting feedback. Johnson launched her blog Dec. 29. It's mostly geared toward voters in the Antioch area, but the school board member also has included a poll where visitors can cast a vote on school chief Pedro Garcia's job performance.
The poll is actually on this blog, upper right hand corner and open for 15 more days. BOE member Johnson's polls ask if Antioch needs a new elementary and middle school (left hand side, scroll down).

UPDATE: I stand/sit corrected. NashTeach points out in the comments that Johnson's Garcia poll is all the way at the bottom of her blog page. Thanks for the correction. My apologies to Ms. Sarrio and my readers.

And this is the biggest upside to this form of communication. Corrections, more information, and opinions can be made very quickly.


Nashteach said...

Johnson also has a poll on Garcia's performance at the bottom center, after the polls about the schools in her area.

Kay Brooks said...

Thanks for the correction.

Bottom of the page is an odd place to put it especially when she's already got two on the left side. Good thing the Tennessean mentions's easy to overlook, especially if you've visited before. You wouldn't ordinarily scroll down past posts you've already read.

Regardless, we know it's there now. Hopefully, folks will use it.

Thanks again. I do appreciate it.