Monday, April 09, 2007

Mayor or BOE?

And the confusion between mayor and BOE member continues. Mayoral candidate David Briley sent out an e-mail blast for his campaign titled: "It's time to focus on education".

In part he writes:

My experience working with neighborhood leaders in Lockeland Springs taught me the power of involving parents, educators, and other stakeholders early in the process of policy design because together we are far greater than the sum of our parts.
Included at the end of the e-mail is a link to his own Buck-Dozier-wanna-be video hosted at You Tube. It's upbeat and seems sincere...but it speaks more as to why neighborhood schools are better than why David Briley is the better mayoral candidate. He gets credit for stepping in and facilitating and putting his shoulder to the grindstone. It counts for a lot more than hosting a spaghetti or chili supper which seemed to be THE qualifier for school board candidates last summer. But again, he's not running for school board member.

I'd love to see this 'Lockeland' effort replicated across the city and extended to middle and high schools. I'd love to see these Lockeland parents mentor parents in other areas and help them succeed in strengthening and improving their own neighborhood school. Maybe they could start with a neighborhood school on the other side of Gallatin Road. What I'd really love to see is school board members leading these efforts instead of mayoral candidates.

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