Monday, April 23, 2007

Constituent communications

Kudos to MNPS BOE member Karen Johnson who has a very nice .pdf newsletter for her constituents. I've uploaded it to my website so you can see it. Ideally, this would be hosted on her own website which hasn't been updated since the election. Granted the newsletter isn't terribly in depth, but it's better than silence.

Contrast that newsletter with BOE member Gracie Porter's website which hasn't been updated since the fall when she had to explain her vote to renew Dr. Pedro Garcia's contract. At this point she's at least one controversial vote explanation behind (SSA).

How do the other board members regularly communicate with their constituents? I do believe that people appreciate regular communication from their elected representatives.

When I was on the BOE (Summer of '06) I created an elist for people interested in District 5 issues, had this blog already up and running and had my website. I offered the elist to Gracie after the election but I never heard back and nothing has been posted since.

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Nashteach said...

Mr. Fox hasn't set a system up that I know of, but his email replies are prompt and thoughtful.