Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's a bit early, doncha think?

Why would anyone attempt to shop for SSA while the policy for NEXT year is still being written and store buyers haven't been able to reference that policy to determine what to stock? The capitalist system is good--but it's not clairvoyant.


Brittney said...

From the very post you linked:

Because of "Metro Schools' promotion of the sales tax holiday this weekend as an opportunity to purchase clothing for next fall meeting the new uniform requirements."

Kay Brooks said...

Are these thinking parents and consumers or not?

I'm thinking not if they are already out there spinning their wheels, wasting their time and money on obtaining what hasn't yet been defined.

I'm thinking not if all it takes is a word from the BOE Chair or a flyer in their child's backpack to send them to the mall.

I'm thinking not if they say SSA is infringing on their parental rights and their child's rights to free speech but they're out there shopping.

It may be an 'opportunity to purchase' but it's certainly not the best opportunity. Slow down a moment and do some planning. It'll ensure you get the right kind of clothing and likely at a better price.