Monday, February 19, 2007

Legitimate bureaucrat II

The outrage over the Tennessee Department of Revenue deliberately conspiring to withhold information from the Tennessee Center for Policy Research continues in today's City Paper editorial.

Quite frankly, it should not really matter how far off the mainstream any group is when dealing with state government. Whether it is a blogger in their pajamas, a special interest group or just Joe Citizen, state government should crack open like a piƱata when asked for otherwise public information. City Paper
I absolutely agree.

What's not been mentioned is that at some point there was emphasis added to Ms. Richard's original e-mail.

Here's her original version:

And here is Mr. Gerregano's forwarded version which now has underlining:

"Please let your staff know this is not a legitimate group and therefore, we're not responding to them."

Commissioner Regan Farr: Please let your staff know that this is not a legitimate way to carry out their responsibilities to the citizens of Tennessee. You're new to the job. We'll give you one. But it's past time to admit the error, make it right by immediately providing the requested information and then retraining your staff to ensure this doesn't occur again.

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