Wednesday, February 07, 2007

English Official Language

A couple of interesting quotes from the morning papers regarding the English First bill:

But Gregg Ramos, a Nashville attorney and first-generation American of Mexican heritage, said the loophole for "public health, safety or welfare" is so large it makes the law meaningless, because everything government does should promote those goals. Tennessean
But it was hard not to notice that Mr. Ramos and his partners expended a great deal of time and effort in a failed attempt to keep this 'meaningless' bill from passing.
Ralph Schulz, president of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, which lobbied against the bill, said, "From our perspective, the job just got a little tougher to prove to the world that Nashville is the inclusive city it is." Tennessean
"Little" being the operative word. Ralph Schultz is a smart fellow. I don't believe for a moment that his efforts will be hampered much at all. It's not like there is some 'full disclosure' law that says you have to put in your presentations and propaganda that this law was passed. And you've got the testimony of thousands and thousands of visitors and businesses who have found Nashville to be quite friendly and accommodating. We never expected our visitors to speak Southern, let alone English. And business that come here--well, CM Eric Crafton is exactly correct--English is the language of business.

I didn't realize last evening that one of the mayoral candidates failed to vote. That was neighbor David Briley. This is the time when those who wish to lead our community need to demonstrate their ability to lead. This was an important vote, politically, and I'm told David Briley was there but inexplicably absent when it came time to count the votes. I'm disappointed that neither the Tennessean nor the City Paper bothered to ask and publish Mr. Briley's good reason for having left the room. This wasn't a long drawn out debate. It was about 20 minutes. What couldn't wait 20 minutes?

The Tennessean provides a breakdown of the vote. Mayoral candidates are in bold:

Carolyn Baldwin Tucker, Walter Hunt, Michael Craddock, Pam Murray, Jason Hart, Rip Ryman, Feller Brown, Jim Gotto, Harold White, J.B. Loring, Ludye Wallace, Billy Joe Walls, Edward Whitmore, Eric Crafton, Emily Evans, John Summers, Greg Adkins, Randy Foster, Jason Alexander, Vivian Wilhoite, Sam Coleman, Robert Duvall, Charlie Tygard

Buck Dozier, Adam Dread, Brenda Gilmore, Jamie Isabel, Mike Jameson, Erik Cole, Jim Forkum, Carl Burch, Anna Page, Ginger Hausser, Jim Shulman, Jim Hodge, Parker Toler, Lynn Williams

Diane Neighbors, David Briley, Ronnie Greer

23 in favor
14 against
3 absent

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