Thursday, February 22, 2007

10 year old with gun

What can you say? This just shouldn't happen.

February 21, 2007


East Precinct detectives Tuesday evening arrested a 10-year-old Inglewood Elementary School 4th grader for bringing a .22-caliber pistol to class.

A teacher at the school heard from other students that the 10-year-old girl had a gun. The teacher asked her for it at approximately 2:30 p.m. The student retrieved the unloaded pistol from her right sock and surrendered it.

School staff sent the girl to the office from where her babysitter was called. The babysitter picked up the student and took her home. The babysitter subsequently learned from the girl that a live bullet for the gun was in her school desk. The babysitter called the school and the bullet was recovered.

The Emergency Communications Center received a call about the gun from a member of the school’s staff at 3:43 p.m., after the student had been sent home.

Officers responded to the school and then to the girl’s home. She was not home upon the officers’ arrival, but returned about 20 minutes later. While the officers were at the home, a lawyer arrived, told them she was representing the 10-year-old, and that the girl would not be answering any questions.

The girl was booked at Juvenile Detention on a charge of carrying a gun on school property. The investigation is continuing to determine the pistol’s origin and how the girl came into possession of it.

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