Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Good question Motor City

Folks in Detroit are asking a great question. Why is a Detroit methadone clinic manager on Nashville's city council?

The article at notes much of the trouble between CM Pam Murray (District 5-East Nashville) and residents of her district. They provide handy links to Nashville news reports and even YouTube video of the woman defending a recent zoning bill.

They also make mention of the brand spanking new website for recalling the councilwoman. The recall effort's motto:

Our Councilmember should be from Music City...not Motor City

If you want to contact the recall folks email them at:

With this article it looks like Murray will be fighting on two fronts now.

UPDATE: Channel 5 has a report on the petition drive. Remarkably, they managed to find Murray somewhere. I was unimpressed by her displaying a standard expanding file folder as evidence of all the work she's done in six years for the district. Not even an inch a year of paperwork.

"My true neighbors know I have done my job over there," said Murray."

What exactly is a 'true neighbor"? Exactly where do they live?

I caught a Channel 2 report with their Chris Bundgaard while making dinner but I don't see a link on their site. Pity. There was video of Bundgaard doing what so many had done before--trying to get a hold of Murray via phone and getting a full voice mail box instead.

UPDATE II: Here's the Channel 2 video.

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Here's a link to the the Channel 2 story:

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