Saturday, August 01, 2009

Classy and not

For a 'racist' Sgt. Crowley seems pretty deferential to the handicapped black man he allegedly targeted. This photo from the White House.

Event host Obama, on the other hand, seems completely unconcerned about his good friend Gates' ability to negotiate unfamiliar stairs with his cane.


N.S. Allen said...
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N.S. Allen said...

I just don't get the visceral, spastic way in which so many conservatives react to Obama.

I mean, I realize that quite a few modern presidents, Bush II in particular, got a lot of mockery for some of their awkward, day-to-day moments. But ridiculing a president for choking on a pretzel or getting attacked by a rabbit or talking to the press without shoes on is one thing. It's not high-minded or focused on important issues, but at least it's honest about what it is - the taking of cheap shots at something patently ridiculous.

But your reaction to a photo of Obama walking down a set of not-very-steep stairs slightly ahead of an aged man who already has a cane and another guy helping him is to decide that the President is being tactless and tasteless and must not really care about whether his old friend tumbles over onto his face.

Do you realize how ridiculous and sad that is? The president of our country and leader of the free world literally can't walk down the stairs without you finding fault with him.

And folks wonder why our political discourse and the American democratic process are as stunted and deformed as they are.