Thursday, March 13, 2008

Knoxville Super Search

Did you know Knoxville is also looking for a new Superintendent of Schools? Brian Hornback is all over it and you might want to cruise through his posts as MNPS also walks through the process.

Some tidbits:

Is the School Board Fix in For the Next Superintendent? Brian's Blog was the first to point out that the school board in its meeting of taking the 12 applicant files from 12 to 5 semi-finalist potentially violated the Tennessee Open Meeting Records Law in casting their votes by secret ballot.

Two of Knox County's 12 Short Listed Superintendent Candidates Make The Semi-Finalist Round In Tacoma: Ray and Associates, Knox County's School Superintendent Consultant is the Consultant for the Tacoma, WA city school system. The Tacoma city school board selected 8 semi-finalist from 23 candidates. It took them 3 1/2 hours to do so.

Our School Superintendent Salary is Out of Line: Horry County, South Carolina and Knox County, TN are competing for one guy, Brian Bingelli. Horry County, South Carolina's revenue is $498 million dollars and their Superintendent salary range is $200,000. Knox County School's revenue is around $352 million and their Superintendent salary range is $240,000

Keep scrolling at Brian's place. Doesn't look like he's missed anything.

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