Thursday, March 13, 2008

George Thompson 2004 Election Finances

The following is gleaned from the records I picked up from the Davidson County Election Commission the other day. Remember, these records are destroyed after five years so if you want details, you may want to get 'em while they're still available. They'll be gone next year.

This from George Thompson's file. He was last elected in 2004 and has been a BOE member since 1996.

When he picked up his qualifying petition he indicated his party affiliation was Democrat. Did you know both he and fellow BOE member Ed Kindall (also up for re-election) share the same business address?

A curiosity: Thompson's file had two diplomas in it. One from the Tennessee Agricultural & Industrial State University for George H. Thompson, III dated June 8 1969 and the other diploma from City Public Schools Nashville says George Henry Thompson, Jr. I've heard of going from JR. to nothing at all when SR. passes but never going from, essentially II to III.

Thompson acted as his own treasurer. Maybe that explains why he has obligations noted that are never moved to the expenses columns and the numbers don't quite balance. Does anyone check the math? It also explains how he got away with not really accounting for some $1,500 in miscellaneous expenses. It's just sloppy bookkeeping to not have receipts for so much money. Especially when part of it is for 'contractual fees'. Looks like his current campaign balance as of the last filing is $295.83. He started with $268.78. Further it looks like about half the money he took in came from the very people he's supposed to be supervising in some capacity. Fredericka G. Zee made a tidy sum. There can't be two in this town. She's got to be the one somehow connected to Project New Beginnings.

If you can tell me how to convert an Excel sheet to html or some other format Blogger will render decently, let me know. If there are any errors in the Excel sheet below, please, speak up.

So take a look and see who helped get the man in office 4 years ago.


din819go said...

Kay - - thanks for sharing this info -- very interesting list of contributors --

din819go said...

Kay -- I could not post on the entry for Marsha Warden -- so I am posting here.

Alan Coverstone is great. His perspective would be a huge boost to improving MNPS. I hope he collects his signatures and runs. I will be supporting him!

Kay Brooks said...

Yes, I had some comment posting issues there and got tired of cleaning it up and just closed that thread to comments.

Granted, Alan Coverstone will NOT be a seat warmer. He could make it very uncomfortable for some who have been. :-)