Sunday, July 29, 2007

Where's the coverage?

Trust the Tennessean not to finish the story. They report in this morning's paper that Sgt. Randy Reed was fired (something the neighborhood had been speculating about for a while). However the newspaper fails, completely and utterly, to even mention the man is currently running for the District 8 council seat currently held by Jason Hart. Don't you think that should at least get a passing mention?

Again, do the folks at that paper talk to one another?

Reed's signs in the neighborhood ask us to "help him fight crime". Yet the elephant in the room has been his status as a police officer since the December 2005 incident when his gun went off and an alleged robber was killed. Well, now that early voting has ended---it's out in the open. Great timing on the part of the Tennessean.

Hart has been AWOL from his council job since cleaning out his desk a month or so ago. It was hardly mentioned in the Tennessean blog for East Nashville that the week after the date to withdraw his name from the ballot Hart decided that he'd leave the area and not run for re-election for the seat he inherited from his father Lawrence Hart. Despite assuring me several times he'd make a formal announcement to the community he has failed to do so. It makes one wonder if, since the house hasn't sold, if he's hoping he'll fall into being reelected on name recognition alone.

And as if that wasn't enough shenanigans for the Inglewood council seat a third candidate, Albert Berry has been profiled twice (here and here) by Channel 4's Larry Brinton regarding he and his wife's political connections, her co-worker's pay raises and his political fundraising.

I'm so glad the Tennessean has redoubled its effort to focus on local news.

Thankfully there are two more candidates from which to choose: Karen Bennett and Rod Boehm.

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amyphee said...

Albert Berry is a genuine and honest man who truly wishes to serve his community. I'm sure Rod is as well, but he will not get my vote. The main reason is that he has the support of you, Kay, and Michael Craddock.