Wednesday, July 25, 2007

East Precinct dedication

I attended the dedication of the new Police Precinct building for East Nashville last evening. The event was very well attended with politicos, two former chiefs of police, and lots, I mean lots, of neighbors who were obviously happy to see the facility done. The community room was standing room only.

East Precinct officers have been living in very cramped and outdated quarters. They've done an outstanding job nonetheless. Imagine what they can do when they've actually got the room and equipment. None of it looked extravagant or unnecessary.

Here are some shots of the facility you helped pay for. Thank you.

The Roll Call Room

Basic cubicle:

An upgrade:

Rank has it's privileges (and responsibilities) as they say. Here's one of the offices.

And this six feet of cubbies with various forms gave me pause. No job is finished until the paperwork is done to be sure. Police officers certainly aren't exempt from that. But blank drawings of bodies and children to map harm done was an unexpected reality check on a happy day. It all looked so fresh and clean yet it was impossible to ignore the fact that all too soon it would be filled with the gritty realities of a harder side of our neighborhood.

Hopefully, we'll also fill that new community room with people connecting, taking back their neighborhoods and turning around some lives in an effort to prevent visits to the other side of the facility.

Thanks again, Nashville.

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