Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Christian Charity

The School Board approved LEAD’s charter in December, but requests for space from Metro Public Schools fell through in February.

St. Vincent leaders have offered not only space, but the use of the cafeteria and gymnasium as well. City Paper
Fell through is generous. It came off as being as protectionist and as fearful of free enterprise as Pat Buchanan. Too many running the system don't recognize that these ARE MNPS students and still under our watchcare.

If it was really about the children MNPS would have stepped up as fully as St. Vincent de Paul and found room for the LEAD Academy (other than the very same substandard space grudgingly provided to KIPP Academy). Kudos to St. Vincent for doing the right thing by not being constrained by fear of competition but going above and beyond the bare minimum and extending Christian charity to these students.
Dorothy Gupton is excited to be sharing space with the charter school and is encouraged by the team’s enthusiasm. She has been the liaison between the school and LEAD after meeting Kane several months ago.

“We’re looking forward to a wonderful relationship,” she said. “The LEAD Academy program is an excellent program. We can only strengthen each other by working together and we’ve already decided that each of us is an extended family of the other.”
I think they'll both prosper as a result of the partnership. It's to MNPS's shame that they don't have this same attitude.

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