Saturday, March 25, 2006

What's in those books?

I've discovered a tool for parents who, like me, wonder "Just what's the uproar about?" when book controversies come to light. The Parents Against Bad Books In Schools (PABBIS) provide some answers. You can go to their site and they actually have a list of books that these parents have issues with and then they go one better by providing the actual offensive text so you can judge for yourself.

At you'll find a disclaimer, the list of books with questionable content and then a link to a downloadable file of the actual text. If you're looking for a particular book use the Find feature of your browser (usually CTRL +F) and search for its title. Unfortunately, the downloadable file contains all the texts and not just links to the problem paragraphs of each book.

Sometimes it's the parents that have to do the homework. Here's a tool to help you make wiser decisions for your children.

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