Monday, March 27, 2006

Political families

I've been in Nashville 25 years now and still, nearly every election cycle, I discover a new thread in the web of political connections that I was completely cluelss about.

For example: Candidate A is married to Justice B and Candidate B is the cousin of Political Appointee C who is also the sister of Candidate D who has brother working in Justice B's office. We may be a town of over half a million people--but our political dynasties seem to be so thoroughly entrenched that attempting to run outside of the clan is very difficult. I remember holding up signs for a political candidate one year outside of a polling station. I was there all day and chatted up the opponents workers. Not one of them knew the candidate they were working for. But they knew their daddy, worked for their daddy, their daddy had helped them out and so they were there returning the favor--or creating one.

What I would love to see is someone create political family trees to help voters know who and what these connections are. I could sure use a scorecard right about now.

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