Wednesday, October 19, 2005

National report card questioned

The Nashville City Paper reports that Standard & Poor's thinks NAEP needs context.

“Our whole business is transparency,” [Director Paul] Gazzerro said. “It’s not as simple as just throwing one proficiency rate up against another.”
Here's the SchoolsMatter page for Tennessee.
Tennessee is analyzing how its standards correspond with national standards, but the argument remains whether a national curriculum or an individual state’s curriculum is better. From the Nashville City Paper
It's all about freedom. Should the feds tell us what to teach our children? No. It's not constitutionally mandated. The feds shouldn't even be involved, imo. Oh, yeah, there's that money issue. Well, tell 'em to keep their money and we'll keep our freedom.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah. Just like they could reduce the budget 7% and make NCLB go away.

Eric Holcombe