Monday, September 06, 2010

Never gonna stand for this

Another TEA Party song from Nashville. On this Labor Day a reminder to politicians to listen to" the man living by the plow". Really like the recitation of Declaration snips. Catchy tune too.  Sorry, you'll have 11 seconds of Janeane Garofalo schooling us on what we do and do not know and who we are. That'll get yer engine started.


Kay Brooks said...

Don't use derogatory obscenities in your comments. I'll delete them. Maybe that's acceptable language where you hang out...but not here.

Ellen said...

You better pay more attention, to the man livin’ by the plow. We’re gettin’ poor while we’re makin’ you rich.

So tea PARTIERS, just keep pushin for those tax cuts for the millionares so we can keep that deficit growin’ and our kids can pay the bill.

And I’m glad to see Ronald Reagan telling us that government is the problem, the guy who increased the deficit 400%, gave us the biggest tax increase in history (1982) and grew the size of government with 60,000 new fed jobs. Yea, we need the GOP in charge again, the people who put us here.

William said...

I think America is growing weary of the tea party fear, hate and extremism, and the GOP mission to block any initiatves, as Federal Judge appoinments are now at a crisis point with Republicans blocking hundreds of positions just as a matter of their all encompasing policy of no. That's not leadership. It's the politics of obstruction.

Kay Brooks said...

You're welcome to think that, but most of America doesn't see it the same way, William. We'll know which of us is right soon enough. To paraphrase Tina Fey "I can see November from my house."

William said...

Yes, looking forward to the Republicans taking power. We can look forward to the repealing of all those initiatives the Dems put in place that the GOP fought so hard against, like the fair pay act for women - the Lilly Ledbetter Act, health insurance for kids - SCHIP, the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act, the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure (CARD) Act of 2009 that regulated credit card companies from gouging Americans, the Financial Regulations Overhaul bill that is designed to stop banks from failing and bailouts... I could go on. It's a brave new world where the GOP has allowed large corporations to buy off elections, and the tea party that supposedly protects the constitution but wants to change the 14th, and 17th Amendments, the supremacy clause,religious test for public office, etc... and has argued that civil rights are really not a valid federal issue, but should be left to the states, like the days of segregation.

With every advance in civil rights, there is a backlash. The tea party is the latest. You should be proud.