Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dancing votes, I guess.

WRKN...the word is ballot. It's about voting not dancing.  Dr. Shelley clearly said "ballot".  In this day and age of jobs being hard to come by...seems like this proofreader needs to be more careful. In the meantime...

I'm glad to see some churches taking on this ruling. When a candidate clearly violates a Biblical position, I'm all for pastors informing their congregations of such violations. This whole dance of creating 'non-partisan' educational documents to be handed out to congregations in lieu of plainly speaking the truth is a huge waste of effort. And, frankly, lots of folks are tired of this 'Johnson Amendment' being unfairly applied like recent testimony from Christopher Coates revealed regarding Department of Justice decisions not to pursue voter intimidation cases. If any church preaches that one party is holier than another, they're walking in plenty of error as it is, but pointing out where individual politicians, individual legislation and specific actions of our government violate Biblical standards is part of the mandate of The Church to speak the truth and protect the innocent and the poor.

We have a Constitution that makes no mention of any right being a one way street. It's past time to make that case and take back this part of our freedom of religion.

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