Tuesday, December 09, 2008

But what about the Christmas card?

WSMV reports that Gov. Bredesen will only spend $500-$1,000 on a smaller invitation only Christmas Party at the capitol this year. His administration failed to reign in their spending so there's no cash, it's unseemly to party hardy when folks are being laid off left and right (and the party bunker isn't done yet anyway).

Forget all that, what we really want to know is which National Geographic cover did he replicate for this year's official Christmas card?

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N.S. Allen said...

Assuming that the Christmas party is coming out of the governor's and the attendees' pockets, it would make more sense to be upset at them for scaling it back. In a recession, after all, it's the well-off that still have cash on hand to do spending. And, since our state government almost certainly isn't going to raise taxes to combat the problem, folks like Bredesen are some of our best hopes.

So, really, we should be more upset at the guy for scaling back, just because he's afraid that folks who don't understand economics might not vote for him.

As far as National Geographic covers go, I vote for this one.