Saturday, September 06, 2008

No smoke filled teacher's lounge

Back in the olden days of my public education experience the teacher's lounge was a point of contention with many students in high school. While it was legal for many of the students to smoke---they couldn't do it on campus. What galled them was that the teacher's lounge was always smoke filled. It was a lesson in 'rank has its privileges'. 

With the help of Coordinated School Health, part of the teacher's lounge at Clifton Hills Elementary [Chattanooga, TN] now doubles as a fitness center for teachers and staff.  Scarbrough says "they come early, they stay late, they grade papers at home and unfortunately they don't have a whole lot of time for exercise on their own.The center features two exercise bikes, a set of hand weights, and resistance bands. WDEF TV

Obviously we've turned some kind of weird corner when the teachers have exercise equipment but there isn't money or time for student physical eduacation programs. Maybe if the students had a union...

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