Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blast from the past

Tony Alamo is still kicking around? Whoa. There's a blast from the past. From this morning's Tennessean:

...he bristled at descriptions of his organization as a cult, saying enemies want to cast him as a "weirdo for preaching what the Bible says".
His interpretation of what the Bible said. I remember having to pull those hate filled screeds against the Catholic Church from my windshield over and over again a couple of decades ago. Alamo was the Fred Phelps of his time. Gail Kerr is right---there was a lot of bizarre behavior coming from the Alamo church. I suspect even the most Pentecostal of the city were glad to be shed of him and his personality driven enterprise. I'm sorry to read that not much has changed.

Let's hope the law gets to the bottom of these current abuse charges quickly.

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