Friday, December 14, 2007

Sell tickets

New CM Emily Evans toured her local schools and blogs about her experience.

At HG Hill Middle we met up with Julie Simone. Julie strikes me as one of those rare teachers for whom teaching is a calling not a job. We talked about the children at HG Hill who rode the bus 30 minutes each way and how difficult it was for their parents to get to school for conferences. Julie told me that if a parent won't come to her, she gets in her car and goes to them. Julie's class presented the Mayor with a homemade hoola-hoop. In the ongoing effort to burden the education system with correcting every single pathology that affects our society, kids must get 90 minutes of activity a day. So, they have came up with the hoola-hoop as something they can squeeze in. The Mayor promised to return in March and demonstrate his hoola-hooping skills. I plan to attend and watch.
I believe they could sell tickets to this event and raise a tidy sum for the school.

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