Monday, September 24, 2007

What are you listening to?

We’ve enjoyed the free radio programs that have been provided by for several years now. Each week they'd send a reminder email providing the URL of that week's free program. Even when we had a dial-up connection they were worth the wait. Today they’ve added a premium membership that provides access to the archives (previously if you didn’t get it that week, it was unavailable), listening guides and other unnamed bonuses. Until October 1 the membership is $14.95 per year---after that it goes up to $29.95. The free programs will still be available once a week, regardless.

They have provided everything from classic radio programs to audio dramas of famous books and events in MP3 format. I’ve transferred many of these to an SD card for us to use while at the dining/school table and it’s easy for my children to transfer them to their own MP3 players. It's not hard to transfer them to audio CD either and pop them into the car CD player while commuting. (They provide instructions about all of this.)

I’m not affiliated with these folks, don’t know much about them but have been thankful for the free service I’ve taken advantage of over all this time and am quite happy to pay the $14.95 for the premium package AND wanted to let you know about the initial discounted membership package. Even at $29.95 getting more than 50 radio programs a year is a great bargain.

If your child isn't inclined to read much, consider these to pique their interest. Do you have an audio learner? Here's the ticket. Not everything available is as daunting as this week's bonus for the premium membership, Orson Wells' nearly 4 hour dramatization of "Les Miserables". Some of the offerings have been very light and silly. There is plenty of variety for different ages and interests and, as I've tried to say, it's a wonderful resource for this family and probably will be for yours.

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