Monday, September 03, 2007

Hamilton County leads the way again.

Ben Cunningham pointed out this small paragraph at the Tennessean:

Williamson County schools will pilot online learning this year. A group of 30 students will be chosen to take Latin I through the Hamilton County Virtual School. The class is a state-approved option for traditional Latin instruction, school officials said.

Students will be chosen based on the availability of the course at their schools or if they can't fit the class offered at their school into their schedule.

Online learning is growing by leaps and bounds across the nation. It's the answer to having AP courses in all the middle and high schools. Only have 5 students for an AP, language or other class? Not a problem with virtual classrooms. These students can stay in their zoned schools and still not miss out.

Homeschoolers across the state have Chattanooga library cards because of their online offerings--and they're willing to pay for the privilege.

Hopefully, Tennessee will soon enter the age of 21st century education and greatly expand virtual options.

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