Tuesday, August 28, 2007

66 months at 65 years old

I'm stunned. But then, I thought John Ford was going to manage to get out of a guilty verdict in the first place. For years we've been witness to his arrogance and threats. He redefined political Teflon. My thanks to the Feds for doing the work the TBI and (former Lt. Gov. and now just State Senator) John Wilder couldn't.

Of course it's entirely possible Ford will not serve anywhere near 5+ years but even a couple, compounded by his age, could be quite costly. At least, I assume, he won't be making any more children, angry ex-wives or speeding past and threatening otherwise law abiding citizens on I-40 from Nashville to Memphis.

Hopefully, his new found remorse is genuine and at this late date he proves that it's never too late to mend your ways. He may be financially broke despite the bribe money but there is more than money his seven children can inherit. He could be a living example of what to avoid and how to recover and end well. For their sakes, as well as his own, I hope that happens.

There is still plenty of political mess in Memphis to clean up, but Tennessee Waltz was a great start. It's times like this I feel better about where some of my tax money has gone.

Hat tip: I read it first via Ben Cunningham

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