Friday, September 22, 2006

Quote of the day

Maybe the new Tennessee Education Association president Earl Winman would like a chance to reword this.

He tells educators across the state that schools are reaching out, but too often, "there is a lack of respect for teachers."

"But it takes shared responsibility. We don't blame the police for crime or firefighters for arson," Wiman said. "So why blame teachers for low achievement?" Commercial-Appeal


Tom said...

Well, yes, not the best wording, but you've clipped it out of context. Here are the lines before your quote:

"Another theme that Wiman and Acey have been hearing at schools is the importance of parental involvement.

Wiman praised Shelby Oaks parents for participating, but said the challenges everywhere are more acute these days.

"In the past, your mother would tell you 'If you get in trouble in school, you're in trouble at home.' But now they say 'don't take anything off that teacher.'"

Now, you've said recently that parental involvement is key to a child's success. And here, Wiman agrees with you (and is going across the state encouragng parents to stay involved), but the context is about discipline, not achievement as I thought when I read it out of context. Wiman is saying parents and teachers should work together when a student breaks the rules, rather than be adversaries. When a student has misbehaved (started a fire), do you blame the teacher (fireman) or do you help put out the fire?

I get that you aren't crazy about the teachers' professional organization, Mrs. Brooks, but do you really think villifying teachers rather than partnering with them, is the key to making our schools better?

Tom said...

To add:

I'm sure you have some fair criticisms of TEA. Address those things. But why criticize him and quote him out of context for going across the state promoting better discipline and more parental involvement?

Kay Brooks said...

I did not vilify teachers.

Yes, I do believe that the teacher union is more often a problem than a help. Their focus is on their union members not on the children.

From info

Mission Statement

"The Tennessee Education Association promotes, advances and protects public education, the education profession, and the rights and interests of its members." (Adopted by the Representative Assembly, 1996)

Strategic Objectives

* TEA will define and pursue improvements and appropriate funding for quality public education.
* TEA will advocate autonomy, appropriate preparation and the highest standards for the education profession.
* TEA will seek compensation and working conditions necessary to attract and retain highly qualified education employees.
* TEA will initiate, preserve and strengthen advocacy programs.
* TEA will enroll its maximum membership potential and encourage greater member participation in the organization.
* TEA will provide the organizational structure and budget to accomplish its mission.

Core Values

* Justice
* Unity
* Community
* Worth and Dignity of Individuals
* Success
* Effectiveness
* Relevancy
* Independence

Vision Statement

The Tennessee Education Association is an organization that advocates learning without limits.

All of the decisions made and all of the policies established by TEA's governing bodies are in compliance with the mission statement, and all of the work accomplished by TEA staff reflects the intent of the mission statement, strategic objectives, core values, and vision statement.

Eric Holcombe said...

I think I get it now.

The TEA sees our children as criminals and they aren't responsible for their rehab, just their incarceration.