Friday, September 22, 2006

Every state should do this

The Kansas State Board of Education is taking a serious look at its participation in NCLB (No Child Left Behind). They're not alone. Some 15 other states have done or are doing the same.

The education board has been sharply divided between moderates and conservatives on numerous issues, but it has agreed within the next couple of months to take a look at what the impact would be if the state disengaged from NCLB and refused the federal funding associated with it. The board also will explore trying to get Congress to change the law. Lawrence Journal World
From Reason Online:
Often, state governments do not care because they have an incentive to maximize their budgets, not their effectiveness. For example, a federal law may provide 10 percent more funding in return for following regulations that will require the entire 10 percent to be spent on staff dedicated to filling out compliance form

It's foolish not to regularly evaluate whether the money and control are worth participating no matter what the program. I'm a big fan of accountability when you're working with other people's children and money but that accountability doesn't have to come from the feds. As a transplanted northerner to Tennessee I love Utah's stand in their NCLB debate that education is a states rights issue

NCLB has certainly been frustrating for the education professionals, the families and the public. Those of us outside the system are tired of NCLB being THE excuse for every failing. If it's so bad, then, why are we still participating?

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