Friday, November 04, 2005

Symphonic Bait and Switch

We're tremendously disappointed to learn that the soloist we expected to hear at Saturday's Lord of the Rings concert has been told at the last minute that she won't be allowed to sing. Apparently, the guest conductor isn't concerned that correspondence between him and the Nashville Symphony stated that a local soloist would be hired, that the soloist has invested time in preparing, that she's actually got an amazing voice well suited to the piece (Mr. Huber hasn't bothered to even listen to her), but prefers instead to use his own traveling soloist.

This is NOT the way to attract symphony patrons. We bought 5 (yes 5!) tickets becauset an artist we love and appreciate was going to perform. We were willing to carve out a considerable chunk of our limited budget to support this local talent--something we're always being challenged to do, and this bait and switch is our reward.

I'm suggesting that Mr. Huber's soloist defer to our Nashville artist, Mr. Huber pay his soloist for her time and recognize that Nashville has top rated talent that's worthy of being heard and appreciated by letting our Nashville artists sing.

The Nashville Symphony
Marketing Department E-mail
2000 Glen Echo Road
Suite 204
Nashville, TN 37215
Phone: 615.783.1200
Fax: 615.783.1575

(Oh, and no, she doesn't know, didn't ask and might even be embarrassed that I've vented in this manner. It's all on me. She can't help it she has friends who are passionate about her career and know quality when they hear it.)

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