Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Welcome! :-)

I hope that you'll find the information and comments here helpful. Education issues have been a part of my life since my own four children came along. While I choose to homeschool I have a heart burden for every child and parent who is searching for the right educational choice for their child. Too often the system isn't able or will not accomodate the individuals that our children are and the children suffer the consequences.

While I may rant on occasion at the public system what I hope to accomplish is to empower parents to take back the land and fight for their own children. We have them for such a short amount of time and none of their childhood should be wasted on programs that don't work or to further the agenda of the adults that control their lives.

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Linda R said...

Good going Kay. I don't "have a minute" but I've scanned the blog quickly before taking off for my son's PhD conferral in Tallahassee. I'll be back to bother you shortly...

I appreciate your heart for ALL the children, rather than a myopic vision that includes only homeschoolers. To put it in selfish terms... one day, our children will live in the same community with lots of public school and some private school grads. It would be in OUR children's best interests if the others had a decent education too.

Thanks for ALL you do!