Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Adult 'needs' include the care of their own children.

This quote from Metropolitan Nashville Public School Board Finance Committee chairman Kathy Nevell is just appallingly inconsiderate of family budgets in the here and now:

''We're going to have to build support between now and the end of June,'' when the Metro Council votes on the schools budget, Nevill said. ''We're going to have to continue to build our case over and over and over again about the needs of the children in this city. It's about the class of 2010 and the class of 2015. We don't want to get bogged down with the needs of adults in 2005.'' Tennessean 4/27/05

But what if the ‘needs of the adults in 2005’ include the need to pay their own mortgages, grocery bills and pay for gasoline to ensure that their own children are housed, fed and Papa can get to work to earn a paycheck? A no vote on these budget increases does not equal lack of concern for the needs of the students of 2010 or 2015. It’s just acknowledging the reality of the current financial situation of many taxpaying families in Nashville.

Don’t make families choose between the children of 2010 and their own. You’ll lose every time.

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